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Methacton High School class of 2014 and rifle spinner in color guard


my mum told me that a week before i was born she was having severe contractions and was sent to hospital and they were all ready for me to come out and even gave my her an epidural but then i ‘gave up’ all of a sudden until the following week and that is the story of how i procrastinated my own birth

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fun corps facts: during the Cold War, the Madison Scouts were the favorite of Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Because he could not join, the Cuban Missile Crisis arose, in hopes that he could change the age out rules in his favor march his favorite instrument, the didgeridoo.

Castro was known to have said about the Scouts: “they make my mustache tingle. I would like my daughter to march with them someday.”

He has yet to find out they are an all male corps.

What a nerd.

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